Sunday, November 20, 2011

Obama’s Big Bank Paradox & The Rise of Corporatism In The US

Big financial companies are a problem. More accurately, big financial company executives are a problem.

Big BanksA previous article brought to light some details re: how executives at big financial firms often manage to parachute out with millions in their pocket even though the companies they're leaving are in severe distress. Jon Corzine wrecked MF Global and left with $12 million. Freddie Mac CEO, Charles "Ed" Haldeman Jr., will leave his post with at least a $3.9 million parachute while FRMC needs another $6 billion in taxpayer money just to survive. We've seen numerous other examples of big financial institutions mismanage to the point of insolvency while top execs go home with big payouts finance with taxpayer and investor money. It's just wrong.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Anger Against Big Banks - Something Useful From OWS

I'm not an OWS guy by any measure.  From what I've seen, the vast majority of attendees at OWS rallies are people that live to march for anything.  I used to see these people in college on a regular basis, just waiting for some, even semi-controversial, topic for which to launch a crusade.  They were thrilled to be marching for something, anything.  The conclusion I reached back then was that these people really had little else in their lives on which to focus.  The rallies gave them some measure of temporary purpose they were never going to get from a career, family, or other life component.